5 Celebrities That Take the Hottest Selfies

Its 2015, and literally everyone is taking selfies. We take them, our moms take them, and obviously, celebrities take them. Celebrity pics are insanely entertaining to see because they’re such high profile people doing something that we also do. Clearly, it’s no secret that some celebrities are hotter than others, so naturally some take better pictures than others. We’ve compiled a list of five celebrities who take the hottest pictures of themselves of all time.

1. Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian has been called the selfie queen of our time. She’s gorgeous, voluptuous, and has no shame sharing all of her physical blessings with the world. She even created a book filled with only pictures of herself. These pics range from nearly – nude shot selfies to fancy, done up pieces. She’s taken them in bed, in bikinis, in gowns, and even next to camels.

2. Beyonce.

Queen B’s Instagram account is filled with dozens and dozens of hot selfies. She lets us take a sneak peak into her vacations with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, and even just her intimate moments in her home. Beyonce is obviously one of the hottest women on earth, so we’re not complaining about her photo displays.

3. Kylie Kardashian.

The youngest Kardashian is having no problem stepping out from behind her famous sisters’ shadows, and she’s looking amazing while doing it. Kylie shares selfies regularly, and since she’s always switching up her look, they’re super entertaining.

4. Selena Gomez.

Bye, Justin, Selena is hot, single, and ready to show the world what she’s working with. Selena has a huge social media fan base that she shares selfies with regularly. With over 55 million followers on Instagram alone, clearly people are liking what they’re seeing.

5. Jennifer Lopez.

Jenny from the block has still got it, which is evident in her hot celebrity selfies. JLO posts sultry and sexy selfies often, including videos of her sending messages to her fans.