7 reasons cougar sex is the most orgasmic sex you’ll have

Why is the super-hot twenty-something-year-old considered the pinnacle sex symbol? What about inexperience is sexy? What about naivety? Maybe it’s the opportunity to “corrupt” her or something along those lines. But have you ever thought of what it might be like to be the inexperience? The naïve? The corruptible?

Men sometimes have a difficult time seeing themselves as anything but the dominant figure in a sexual situation… but when you have sex with an older woman the dynamics will shift in the sense that you are now the inexperienced.

But that could be sexy right? I mean there’s always something left to learn, so why not let yourself get schooled sexually by a cougar? Here’s a few reasons why having sex with a cougar – and allowing yourself to be the inexperienced one in the bedroom – will easily be the most orgasmic sex you’ve ever had.

1. Experience

Most of why having sex with a cougar is so damn great comes down to experience. Regardless of how sexually experienced you might think you are as a twenty or thirty-year-old, a MILF in her 40s is going to have much more sexual experience than you.

More experience means that she’s going to know more about what feels good, what doesn’t feel good, and how to accomplish some serious pleasure. And who wouldn’t want that?

Have you ever had sex with someone who has no idea what they’re doing? It’s not usually that fun. Yes, the idea of the slutty virgin is sexy but how often is that actually the case? A slutty MILF is much more believable.

Dude, come on. If you’re not convinced just imagine the blow jobs.

2. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask

One of the biggest things that young people have trouble with is understanding their body, their partner’s body, and feeling comfortable communicating.

Women who are in their 40s and up have much more experience in their own bodies so you don’t have to worry about trying to solve the Rubix cube that is the female anatomy. She has a better understanding of how her body works and has grown out of the shyness that comes with younger women. So you can be confident that she understands her own body and will tell you exactly what you need to do to get her to climax.

Plus, this level of comfort is likely to translate over to you. If you haven’t before, you’ll probably feel more comfortable talking in bed. Because she sets the tone of open and enthusiastic communication, you’re likely to open up and ask for what you want too.

3. More confident

Confidence in the bedroom is sexy. This comes from both experience and understanding one’s body, both of which we’ve discussed are characteristic of cougars.

Milfs are likely to feel comfortable naked and aren’t concerned about sucking in their stomachs or looking hot at every moment. While this might sound like a bad thing, think about it: they’re not going to let insecurity stop them from doing ANYTHING.

They’ll likely try crazy kama sutra positions that feel amazing without stopping themselves because they want to preserve the façade that their stomach stays flat no matter which way she bends. She’s not going to worry about getting messy or sweating. Again, just imagine the blow jobs