8 Reasons we Should Stop Hating on Selfies

It seems pretty obvious that in 2015 society has a love/hate relationship with selfies. Some people will tell you that they are narcissistic and a cry for attention while others think they’re personal and a great display of confidence. Others might feel like who the hell cares? Recently, it seems like more people than not hate on selfies and the people who take them. We’re here to tell you haters to knock it off for once and for all, and will give you some reasons to share the love.

Let’s start out by sharing a little history on why people hate taking pictures of ourselves so much. People have been taking pictures of themselves in one way or another for a very long time, so why do selfies get such an aggressive, negative reaction? We have a few theories as to why. In today’s technological world of Instagram, Facebook, Photoshop, etc., taking pictures of yourself has become somewhat of a cliche. And we all know that one thing society loves hating on is cliches, or as we call it today, being “basic.” A second theory we have as to why people hate on them is some consider it narcissistic. These people assume that taking a picture of yourself and posting it is a tactic to get attention and a way to get compliments.

Moving on to why the haters should give it a rest for once and for all, here are ten reasons we should stop hating, and start embracing, selfies.

1. They’ve been around for forever, and can be considered an art form.

Don’t laugh at the art form part, because we’re totally serious! Taking pictures of yourself, as they used to be known as self-portraits, have been around since the 1400s. The only reason this new modern form of self-portraits is more popular than ever before is because the tools needed to take them are so readily available. Every phone today has a camera on it, so basically anyone with a phone can easily take pictures of themselves whenever they want. Additionally, photography is a work of art, and selfies are photos, so that means they’re art too.

2. It’s good that people can feel beautiful and confident in their appearance.

In the world where body image and self-confidence among people is saddeningly low, it’s good to see people take and share moments where they feel beautiful. If we constantly tell people that taking a picture of yourself and uploading it is narcissistic, what message are we sending? We’re saying that it’s wrong to feel good about yourself and that it’s wrong to share a moment with others that made you feel truly good about yourself. We shouldn’t feel stuck up every time we take a picture of ourselves. Instead, we should celebrate each other’s confidence and beauty instead of hating on it. And truly, if you’re sending so much hate to someone simply because they post pictures of themselves, maybe it’s time to take a look on the inside and work on your self-confidence. People who feel good about themselves don’t hate on people, remember that.

3. It’s a personal way of documenting moments.

Some people journal, some blog, and some take selfies. Taking pictures of yourself in a particular moment in time creates visible, life-like memories that you can always look back on. Your outfit, your mood, your age, your location – all of those things tell a story simply from a picture.

4. They can help challenge today’s beauty and body standards.

Magazines, TV, movies and ads are covered with models, actors and actresses, and unrealistically perfect looking people. Almost 100% of the time, these images we’re exposed to on the daily are edited with excessive amounts of photoshop and other editing tools. When regular people take and share pictures on their less fancy devices, they’re challenging those images. Sure, we’re all guilty of using filters and our own smartphone photo editing tools, but these forms of editing are nowhere near the intensity of professional editing.

5. They’re empowering.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where your beauty isn’t validated until someone else decides to, and selfies combat this. Posting a picture of yourself declares “I think I look good in this, so I’m deciding to post it, regardless of what others might think.” Cheesy but true, we all need to love ourselves, and if taking a good picture of yourself helps you do that, then good for you.

6. Honestly, something so simple shouldn’t bother you so much.

In other words, stop caring so much. The world is always going to have new trends that you might not always love or want to take part in, so don’t. If you don’t like selfies, then don’t take them- it’s as simple as that. But just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you have to hate on the people that do. And like I mentioned before, the fact that you have issues with people taking pictures of themselves in the first place is a sign that you might have some self-confidence issues.

7. They’re harmless.

At the end of the day, selfies are honestly harmless. Seriously, what’s the big deal? They’re not hurting anybody in the process of being taken or posted. We’re all for hating on something that hurts or harms others, but that’s not the case here, so there’s no need for the lashing out.

8. There’s nothing wrong with being in control of what we capture.

Going back to what I touched on about photography being art, at the end of the day individuals taking pictures should be in control of what they want to capture. If that is a picture of themselves, so be it! It’s up to them to decide, not us.

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